Western Digital 12TB external hard drive storage

by Jack @ UNIXPlus September 14, 2015

Finding yourself constantly running out of space on your Mac? Western Digital may have a solution for you, as the data storage giant has begun to ship a Thunderbolt-compatible hard drive rack with support for up to 12TB of external hard drive space.

Dubbed the My Book Pro, WD’s new hard drive rack combines two hard drive variants of your choosing, with the option of either 3, 4, 5, or 6 terabytes and bolstering an input option of either 20Gbps Thunderbolt or 5Gbps USB 3.0. By default, the device is set to RAID-0 in order to make full use of the higher storage options, but can manually be configured to RAID-1 or JBOD if preferred. RAID-1, however, does not support multiple drives so, in doing so, the capacity would be split in half.

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Jack @ UNIXPlus
Jack @ UNIXPlus