Fossil teams with Intel for connected wearables, previews Android Wear watch

by Jack @ UNIXPlus September 28, 2015


Intel is trying to get a foothold in the smartwatch and connected wearables market through Fossil, which has brand awareness and broad distribution channels.

At its annual developer conference last month, Intel mentioned it would be working with Fossil on a few connected wearable devices. Now, Fossil is starting to tease some of the products. Expect the Fossil Q line to be available this holiday season.

There will be three Fossil Q products, according to the company. One is a simple bracelet, the second is a traditional-looking watch with out a screen and the third is an Android Wear device; likely the first to run on an Intel chip.

All three devices can connect with a smartphone and will work with Apple iOS, Google Android and Microsoft Windows handsets.

Each can track activity and movement and Fossil says you can manage notifications on them as well. If the non-screen wearables can do that, I'd expect the devices to buzz or light up to indicate a specific notification event.

Fossil may seem like a new player in the smartwatch arena but it actually isn't.

In 2004, my Microsoft SPOT watch was actually built by Fossil. And a few members of the Fossil team left the company, spinning off MetaWatch a few years back. Unlike the traditional tech companies selling watches, Fossil has brand awareness and broad distribution channels in the watch industry, which could help sales.

If the Fossil Q line becomes a hit, the success may be more important, however to Intel. So far, much like the mobile handset market, Intel is playing catch-up by trying to supplant ARM-based chips in wearables.


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Jack @ UNIXPlus
Jack @ UNIXPlus