STH Article: Turbocharge the Quanta LB6M with Brocade TurboIron

by Jack @ UNIXPlus March 12, 2018

The Quanta LB6M is a popular 10Gb SFP+ Ethernet switch. STH readers started using this switch in 2015 and it has spawned a lot of discussion in the STH forums. The Quanta LB6M was used by a large US hyper-scaler as a top of rack switch. From what we are told, the hyper-scaler used two 24-port switches in an older architecture generation. As this older infrastructure is decommissioned both used and new spares have become extremely inexpensive. That makes them excellent project switches with pricing approaching 1GbE speeds ($12.50/ port.)

One of the weaknesses of the switch is a limited feature set of the Quanta switch software found on these switches. A team of STH readers has figured out how to flash the Quanta LB6M with Brocade FastIron software to get a massive, well documented, feature set. The effort was spearheaded by fohdeesha and verygeeky on the STH forums and fvanlint was the brave soul who first tried the update other than these two and helped develop the documentation and process for installation.

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Jack @ UNIXPlus
Jack @ UNIXPlus