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Transceivers | Optics | GBIC - Overview
1GB SFP, XFP, 10GB SFP+, 40GB QSFP+ 25GB - 100GB Optics


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Network Adapters:

10G vs 10GBase-T Network Cards
Intel X520 Overview



Part-01 Overview
Part-02 Frequencies


Dell PowerEdge Servers:

Dell PowerEdge R620
Part-01 Overview
Dell PowerEdge R620 Part 2
CPU|Memory|RAID|Networking|Power Supply
Dell PowerEdge R710
What You Need To Know
Dell PowerEdge R720 | R720xd
What's Inside


Network Switches:

1G Gigabit Switches
Cisco vs Dell Force 10 vs Quanta
10G Economical Switches
Quanta LB6M vs Quanta LB8 vs Arista