Intel X520-DA1/2 / SR1/2 Compatible 10G/1G Dual (10GBASE-SR & 1000BASE-SX) SFP+


Condition - New
Warranty - 30 Days DOA


Intel x520-DA1
Intel x520-DA2
Intel x520-SR1
Intel x520-SR2

FTLX8571D3BCV-IT 1G/10G Dual-Rate SFP+ transceivers are designed for use in 1-Gigabit and 10-Gigabit Ethernet links over multimode fiber.
They are compliant with SFF-84311 , IEEE 802.3-2005 10GBASE-SR/SW2 and 1000BASE-SX3 . Digital diagnostics functions are available via a 2-wire serial interface, as specified in SFF- 84724 .

The FTLX8571D3BCV-IT is a “limiting module”, i.e., it employs a limiting receiver. Host board designers using an EDC PHY IC should follow the IC manufacturer’s recommended settings for interoperability with an SFP+ limiting module. This product is for applications specifically designed for 10G SFP+ ports and 1G/10G SFP+ ports and not native 1G SFP ports. The transceiver is RoHS compliant and lead free per Directive 2002/95/EC5 , and Finisar Application Note AN-20386 .

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