Myricom 10G-PCIE-8b2l-2S Dual Port 10GbE Network Adapter


Ports: 2 Ports
Speed: 10GbE

-Low or High-profile PCI express x8 add in card
-Dual protocol network ports, 10G Ethernet or 10G Myrinet
-Wire-speed performace from both network ports concurrently
-"Gen 2" (5GT/s) PCI express x8 host port
-Firmware-controlled stateless offloads
-14.7 Watts typical including power for thwo SFP+ transceivers
-MTBF: 5M hours (FIT rate=200)

This Network Adapter appears to the host operating system as two independent PCI Express devices, one for each network port. Each of the two devices (Lanai-Z8ES chips) can carry traffic at rates approaching 10Gb/s (~9.9 Gb/s with a 9KB MTU, or ~9.5 Gb/s with a 1500B MTU). Together, the two devices can carry traffic between the host and the network at rates approaching 20Gb/s.

If both devices are using the bundled Myri10GE Ethernet software distribution and if the hosts have sufficient memory bandwidth, the netperf TCP_STREAM test with two streams shows an aggregate bandwidth of ~19.8 Gb/s with a 9KB MTU, and ~18.9 Gb/s with a 1500B MTU. These netperf 2.4.3 tests were between pre-release Intel Nehalem hosts running the RHEL5 kernel 2.6.18-92.el5. Performance will vary with the host and operating system.
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