UNIXPlus X540-T2 Dual Port RJ45 10G PCI-E Network Card


The X540-T2 adapter hosts Intel’s Ethernet silicon, which uses a single chip solution for “LAN on Motherboard” (LOM) to deliver 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GbE) on the latest server platforms. 10GBase-T simplifies the transition to 10 GbE and it can be deployed anywhere in your data center. Its flexible range - from 1 to 100 meters - supports the latest network architectures. With lower cost and power, 10GBase-T is ready for broad deployment. 10GBase-T is an option for every rack and tower server in the data center. Waiting for a low-cost 10 GbE copper solution to deploy 10 GbE to all the corners of a data center is now over. The adapter provides bandwidth-intensive applications with highly affordable 10 GbE network performance and cost-effective RJ-45 connectivity

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