Refurbished: Dell 48-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch S60-44T-AC


1x S60-44-AC-R
2x power supplies
1x 10Gb Uplink Module

The Force10 Networking S Series S60 is a high-performance 1/10GbE access switch optimized for lowering operational costs at the network edge. The S60 answers the key challenges related to network congestion in data center top-of-rack (ToR) and service provider aggregation deployments. As the use of bursty applications and services continue to increase, huge spikes in network traffic that can cause network congestion and packet loss also become more common. The S60 is equipped with one of the industry’s largest packet buffers (1.25GB), enabling it to deliver lower application latency and maintain predictable network performance even when faced with significant spikes in network traffic. Providing 48 GbE ports and up to four optional 10GbE uplinks in just 1RU, the S60 conserves valuable rack space. Further, the S60 design delivers unmatched configuration flexibility, high reliability, and power and cooling efficiency to reduce costs.

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